About Us

Food Union Family Farms  started in 2017 to help regional farms sell their products.

Our mission - To promote the local food economy and help family farms increase the volume of food they produce. To pay farms a fair price for their products to help them become a profitable and sustainable farming operation. To increase food security and preserve open space by partnering with operators that manage land and the environment for the future.

Our Farmers - The farm must be operated by the owners. It can be a family operation, operated by an individual or a partnership. Farms that supply Food Union must practice sustainable agriculture using natural or organic methods. Our farmers do not have to be certified. Certifications can add unnecessary costs to small farm operations. We visit every farm to review their farming practices. We encourage you to learn more about our farmers by viewing their profile.

Why is supporting local sustainable agriculture important? Sustainable agriculture is the production of food using techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. Spending locally means more money stays in your community. Every dollar spent on local agriculture generates twice as much income for the local economy.The economy of buying distantly produced cheaper food means a large percentage of dollars spent go into costs that are detrimental to the environment instead of building strong healthy communities.