Our Farmers


Greenfields Forever LLC

 Greenfield's Forever is a fruit and vegetable farm using organic farming practices. We use a minimal amount of fungicide and pesticide. The majority of our crops are never sprayed. We have u-pick raspberries, blueberries and apples and many other fruits. We sell most of our products directly from our farm. We have a certified kitchen on our farm and make pickled vegetables and fruit jams. Our farm is located in Saratoga County at 236 Wilton Road, Greenfield Center, NY.  


Green Jeans Market Farm


Green Jeans Market Farm is located in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Certified Naturally Grown for our produce means that you can be certain your food is safe, and grown sustainably.  Our commitment to you is that your food is of the highest quality, and that the land in which it’s grown, improves every year.  Thanks for supporting your local farm by eating right and well! 


Owl Wood Farm

Owl Wood Farm is a small diverse vegetable operation located in the Upper Hudson River Valley in the town of Salem, New York. We use small-scale intensive methods with hand tools on about 1 acre and are Certified Naturally Grown which means we do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO seeds. On our farm, we focus on creating a healthy, fertile ecology both above and below ground. We disturb our soil as little as possible allowing the soil biology to build a balanced and complex ecosystem. We believe this translates into the most nutritious and ecological vegetables we can grow.